332 Gallery at Northrup King Building

October Exhibition

SHED // working title


Open Call to Artists:


The depths of being will confront us

We shed our skin

We turn inward


Reach for one another’s hands to hold


I am seeking works that respond to the above prompt or address a state of being human through an ephemeral aesthetic or process based practice. The presented works will ideally hold space for a certain quality of stillness, the kind that teeters on the edge of or into transcendence. I am calling on a spectrum of artists in multimedia capacities.

I am searching for visuals that can move us forward. That can connect us and provoke us. Arriving at a final destination is not a concern. It is only the movement I am after, only the careful attention it takes to progress through collective intentional consciousness.

The resulting group exhibition will run for a ten-day show in a 2,400

Square foot gallery space located in the historic Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. The gallery space is in the heart of the Northrup King Building, one of the most extensive art studio compounds in the country. The proposed exhibition is composed of skilled emerging to mid-career artists.


The final exhibition is contingent on the selected works, of course.


To Submit:


Please send an artist statement, formal or informal, along with 2-10 good quality images

to sarahnicolestudio@gmail.com


Please also include a website, and or an Instagram handle.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or further comments / inquiries.

Submissions are open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and

amateur artists. All art mediums will be considered in this call for submissions



Cost: No submission fee.

Exhibition is backed by Public Functionary and the Northrup King Building. 

 © 2019 by Sarah Nicole Knutson // sarahnicolestudio@gmail.com

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